Re: Jonathan Snook’s Container Grids

First of all, huh! I guess Grid tracks do act sorta like pseudo contain: size layout style; (but not paint) elements.

You’d probably have to outlaw min-content and max-content grid track sizes, when using grid/container queries. minmax() too? Sometimes? That’d be a big loss.

What are the pros of tying container queries to a layout system that contains by default, rather than allowing arbitrary opt-in containment? I can think of a few:


Lastly, a criticism of the syntax:

I’m imagining a syntax similar to responsive images that allows you to specify the minimum width for which the grid would apply.

.grid {
	display: grid;
	200px 300px 600w, 
	200px 200px 1fr 900w;

w descriptors in srcset describe the intrinsic width of the external image resource, but do not instruct the browser to do anything. The ones above are lil’ media queries – micro-if/then statements about exactly what to do under what circumstances. This proposal would be better if it just used media-query-like syntax (that queries the grid container, not the whole viewport):

.grid {
	display: grid;
		(min-width: 600px) 200px 300px, 
		(min-width: 900px) 200px 200px 1fr;

Fiddling with this.

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