The Calamari Kleptocracy Covers

Nick just had his second novel published. It’s about a purely positive angel of a young man who gets a job waiting tables at an Italian place to support his hard-luck family and find true love except then the restaurant is operated by Nazis and everything is destroyed.

Nick asked me if I could help him out with an image for the cover and I said of course. Here’s the one we went with (cropped to the presumed cover dimensions):

a broken smiley-face plate

Here it is uncropped:

an uncropped broken smiley-face plate

I spent a day playing with food & hitting it with a hammer for this project, which was as fun as it sounds. A few of the quick-n-dirty mockups:

a smiley-face plate whose smile has been turned upside-down another broken smiley-face plate (more broken, plus silverware) a smiling plate with a face on it; green peas arranged in a hitler mustache left half: full plate of food / right half: same thing smashed smashed and scatterd pasta and peas more smashed and scatterd pasta and peas (now with spilled wine) smashed pasta and meatballs even more smashed pasta and meatballs upside down plate of pasta with a dangerously upside down fork! an extremely smashed plate full of pasta and meatballs (and wine)

Congrats Nick!