School Day

Back in April the city of Denver paid me real American dollars to spend a day photographing classrooms for their Denver Teacher Residency and LEAP principal training programs. It was a blast.

I ruined a couple of teachers’ days: a wandering paparazzo is just the thing to tip a classroom from barely-under-control to complete pandemonium. Kids of a certain age will climb over each other to gawk and mug.

Also there is a vestigial schoolkid part of my brain that still goes into high alert in the presence of principals.

But I wore a blazer and a button-up, toted a long lens and a bag full of geegaws, and gave 'em a firm handshake and an invoice... and everybody just sort of assumed I knew what I was doing. I am a tofessional propographer!

Blurry, bashful Open arms Alphabets and a heart Warmth Charisma in the lunch room Hall monitors Desks made of hardwood or MDF and plastic I will understand and apply the product rule for simplifying exponents I will determine characteristics of polygons and triangles I will point and hope for smiles