Red Desert

Clouds, sky, pink desert floor
Clouds and sun
Blue stringy lights spell out COMO on the desert floor Rainbow going into a vortex
Shadow of me waving against red foliage and the desert floor
a bunch of bright red foliage on a dark background
a bunch of dull red foliage on a light background
Red foliage on dark gray dirt, lens flare
More of the same
An s-curving canyon filled with red foliage black dirt spotted with bright yellow flowers
Red foliage in a receding crevice of black dirt; otherworldly
Large red lens flare and specks of red foliage on a crevice of black dirt
Into the sun, washed out blue lens flare
Wishy dark yellow desert floor
Washy bright steely gray desert floor. Horizon matches previous picture. A single tiny bright yellow flower in the middle of the frame.
my red foot, some red foliage, flat
A stone formation in the shape of a frog
Closeup of the swell, everything red Closer, the creek exiting a canyon
Closest. A blinding glint of sunlight in the creek
Into the fun, lens flare, circular optical artifacts
wide shot of the San Rafael Swell, cut with a dozen canyons like little ridges in paper The Swell at sunset The Swell again, receding behind dunes