The last bus stop in Zion National Park is at mouth of the canyon. From there, visitors can hike a little ways and find themselves on a crowded beach at the base of the “Narrows.”

Bru strikes a funny pose amongst the crowd

We'd planned on approaching this beach from the other direction, at the end of the day rather than first thing in the morning. But weather intervened and our epic traverse was downgraded to an out-and-back. And so there we stood amongst the hovering crowds at the edge of the (cold) waters. We took a few startling steps...

Wet feet, last equiptment check

...and kept on walking.

Walking into the canyon Bru cracks a smile hopping among big rocks in the canyon Green trees, big rocks, sand, small people These rock walls are huge a giant pillar of rock, the river oxbowing around it Huge vertical panorama of glowing bright white and filtering down a few hundred feet of rock into the canyon, where we're sloshing along rock a view into Zion Canyon proper some cactus

Buckskin Gulch