Save the Date

Elliott and Meridith asked me if I’d like to help them with their various wedding mailings. I said of course! The “Save the Date” turned out well.

The front of the postcard -- two interlocking hearts inscribed with a big hand-lettered Save the Date. Wet feet, last equiptment check

Some process photos... the plates!

Magnesium printing plates

The inks!

Sloppy piles of blue ink Sloppy piles of blue ink

I used almost a whole can of this stuff:

A can of tint base

Color matching to an iPad is a little tricky (and even trickier when—note the battery level—it’s a race against the clock!)

A stack of prints being compared to an image on an iPad

The press!

The prints!

Stacks of prints

The website!

Next up, an invitation.