En Zed: Blue Ensign

🙆‍♂️ Britt smiling on the beach. Sam peeping/waving from behind a rock. A very tall staircase leads to a lighthouse. Panoramic image of a dusty road winding across a coastline. Close-up of Britt, smiling from ear to ear and clutching the brim of her hat. Sam and Britt take selfies with a sleepy seal. A tiny boat in a turquoise blue sea. Hazy blue mountains behind.
Sam and Britt turning back and smiling on a dusty road at sunset. Some neat trees behind. Sam photographs the neat trees at sunset.
I photograph the neat trees at sunset.
Sam wiggles his arms around, dancing like a disco octopus, smiling.
Britt makes a pouty face.
Everything is bright again! Britt walking away infront of rows of grapes. Britt walking towards the camera over a ridge. A few tiny figures exploring the end of a cliff over an endless sea. A sheep! The moon at night, some trees silhouetted.
An oversized-pidgeon-looking bird perches above in a dense forest. The bird in flight just after it buzzed me, wings outstretched.
A dense bunch of greenery; lots of leaves. A veeeery wide panorama of the Otago peninsula, with interlocking farm, forest, and sea.
Britt and Amy walk and talk down the trail. Nic and Smithers the dog walking in a field.
Britt, Amy, and Nic by a creek. Tall grass quivering in a breeze.
A portrait of Walter Peak towering over Lake Wakatipu.
Little lake waves waving in Lake Wakatipu.
A wide panorama of Walter Peak towering over Lake Wakatipu. A bright blue Lake Wakatipu on the road of Glenorchy. The moon rises at sunset over a mountain ridge. A very tall panorama of the moon over Lake Wanaka. A wide panorama of the moon over a mountain ridge, and Lake Wanaka. Another sheep! A cypress tree, green and white.
A lone tree infront of a distant lake. Yet another sheep!
A hiking path leading around a mountain. A hiking path on a narrow ridgeline leading, seemingly, to the sky.
Looking back from near the top of Roys Peak. A few hikers on a small ridgeline, a huge valley and mountains behind. Panorama of Lake Wanaka, with a tiny island inside.
A man taking a cell phone picture of a glacier, from a rainforest. Workers in a mini-backhoe doing a tiny amount of earth moving in the middle of a vast glacial valley.
Sign up near the top of the glacier. No dogs and no drones.
Many, many people going up the trail to the glacier. A cardboard cutout of a man telling folks to stop and not approach the glacier.
Moody photo of tiny, dark Britt on a wide cloudy beach.
Tilted, motion-blurry photo of Britt walking on the beach in a flannel, hiking boots, and tights. Same beach, same mood, at sunset. Pinks blues and grays in the sky.
Tiny britt infront of a rock wall with greenery bursting out the top of it. Glassy blue waves in front of a hazy blue mountain range silhouette. Britt standing waist deep in dramatically yellow-turquoise-blue beach water.
Britt sticking her tounge out and smiling.
Britt on a boat, rocking back and forth.
Britt, smiling, on a boat.

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