En Zed: Red Peak

Sam sipping, looking cool. The colors look weird, because I took this photo, and every photo in this post, with an infrared camera. Sam and Britt, smiling at a table. Sam and Britt waving from the base of a very tall case of stairs, leading up to a lighthouse. A wide panorama of the view from the top of the lighthouse; Sam is taking a photo of Britt infront of it. Britt descending the case of stairs. Britt looking out over a dense, red forest. Cars packed on a ferry. A windy road snaking through rolling vineyards. Again, everything is red! A pastoral landscape (red). Hills, pasture, brush, the sea.
Britt sticking her hand out while walking to feel the foliage while hiking on the side of a steep hill, the sea in the background.
A tall prehistoric-looking fern, waving in the breeze.
Britt looks out at a lake while Amy forges ahead down the trail. Britt looks back while hiking, beaming.
A watchful sheep (!), lakes and mountains behind. Britt on a beach, NEW ZEALAND spelled out in rocks in front of her.
Britt atop a blustery hill, mountains and Lake Wakatipu behind.
Rolling red hills, partly cloudy, a winding dirt road. Switch-backs down the side of a mountain; a weird hovering little cloud.
A huge red vista, mountains, lakes, clouds, a valley.
Turquoise clear water, red foliage on rocks.  Yellow fog and red jungle.
Britt hiking next to some cascading falls, rocks, red foliage.
A line of people hiking through a glacial valley. This one looks especially other-worldly. A small falls in a huge rocky, foggy, landscape.
A huge, sheer rock wall sprouting foliage, some tiny people in the bottom left corner. Pancake rocks. Red. Dramatic rocks (the pancake rocks) infront of the sea. Red ferns. Britt looking out over a bunch of red foliage. Red foliage, fog, rocks cutting indeterminate forms. A small figure crosses a rope bridge across a crevice.

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