En Zed: Silver Fern

Britt laughing; some grass. A tiny figure, a barren beach, mountains in the background.
Wiggly foliage
A wiggly landscape
A panorama of some rows of grapes and a winding dirt road. The side of a hill; a few small people visible in the lower left if you pay attention and look real close.
Piles of stacked rocks, Britt walking briskly. Towering bright white clouds on a black sky, lakes and a mountain.
Smithers the dog looks to the right and pants. Smithers the dog looks back at the photographer over his left shoulder.
Blowing low clouds, mountains.
A pointy little mountain above Lake Wakatipu. The high-contrast waves of Lake Wakatipu.
Wispy ridged clouds that look a little like a fern. A bright white fern on a black background.
A solitary little tree on top of a hill infront of a lake. The tree in the previous photo is now in the hazy background – a new solitary tree stands in the foreground, on a new hill.
Hazy mountains in the back, clear mountains and a lake in the front.
Shimmering waves, a mountain and a ray of light.
A huge vista with some huge mountains in the background.
Some partly-cloudy, brightly-lit clumps of grass infront of a lake; a little island. Patchy light on the side of Roy’s Peak.
The ridgeline trail leading up to Roy’s peak, Lake Wanaka behind. A wider panorama of the Roy’s peak ridgeline / Lake Wanaka. Layers of foliage. High contrast glassy seas.

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